Sale of electric machinery, electric motors.

Contradex Kft. offers the products made by the pioneers of the electric motor industry.

As Hungarian representatives of ATB we offer a large selection of three-phase industrial motors. You may find detailed information and product catalogues of the products of ATB AG at the website. The product selection of ATB is complete with the products of the ATB-SEVER factory

ATB Motorentechnik GmbH produces the world famous  Felten & Guilleaume (F&G) brand explosion proof electric motors. The whole line has the PTB ATEX certificate.

The speciality of ATB Motorentechnik GmbH is the line of explosion proof motors built together with inverter up to a power of 11kW. Further information about the products anf the factory is avialable at the website.

Representing the Italian company CEMP International we offer: explosion proof II 2G and II 2GD EEx de II B/C T3-T6 three-phase and single-phase, and also double speed ATEX standard motors. The CEMP products are best described by their high standards of quality, fast delivery terms and the best prices in the explosion proof motor market. Further information about the company and their products is available at the website. There you can download all of the CEMP motor catalogues.

We also sell the cast iron case electric motors of the Brazilian WEG Motors & Drives. The motors with the largest power capacity are also available for direct delivery from our warehouse. The company is the third largest producer of electric motors. Further information about these products is available at the website.

We sell the induction mini motors of the South-Korean SPG company: AC (mono and triphase), DC precision drives with and without gears and the German mini synchron motors (single and three-phase) produced by Rotek KG. Websites: SPG, ROTEK: , DOGA DC precision drives:

Sale of electric motor engines

We sell the products of the Czech TOS company:, and the Chinese LI-HENG engine factory:

Axial Fans

Large capacity fans produced by ATB:, and fans produced by the Italian ELEKTROVENT company:

Vibromotors from the Italian company VENANZETTI: and the German Friedrich Schwingtechnik GmbH .

Inverters of WEG:

Other drum motors, buzz-saw motors are also available at our store and we offer import services for specially produced motors at our clients’ request.